Wilde, JonathanPostdoctoral Fellow

43 Vassar Street, Office: 46-3137
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Phone:(617) 715-4920
Email: wildej@mit.edu
Connect: LinkedIn / ResearchGate


Ph.D., Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development, University of Colorado Denver
B.S., Biotechnology, Pennsylvania State University

Short Biography

Jonathan is a cellular and molecular neuroscientist, whose broad scientific goal is to understand how chromatin modifiers contribute to normal and disease-associated brain functions through modulation of genomic architecture, activity-dependent transcriptional regulation, and chromatin-independent activity.  He is specifically interested in using the knowledge gained from his work as a basis for understanding coordinate regulation of cellular functions in the brain and developing effective therapeutics for neurodevelopmental disorders.  Jonathan’s non-scientific interests include music (particularly sound design and modular synthesis), outdoor activities, travel, and all things food-related.

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