Principal Investigator

Guoping Feng
Office: 46-3143A
Phone: (617) 715-4898

Laboratory Manager

Dongqing Wang
Office: 46-3133
Phone: (617) 715-4940

Laboratory Administrator

Alexa Breidinger
Office: 46-3143
Phone: (617) 715-4920

Join our Group

If you are passionate about scientific inquiry, creative and self-driven, we want you to be part of our group. We are looking for talents at all levels with backgrounds and interests in all areas of neuroscience including but not limited to Molecular and Cell Neuroscience, Circuits and Systems Neuroscience, Genetic Tools and Genome Editing, and Development and Function of Synapses.

If you are looking for a research position please send an email directly to Dr. Guoping Feng summarizing your past research experience, future research goals, and what you hope to achieve from and bring to the Feng Laboratory.

For all staff positions, please refer to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and/or Broad Institute careers websites for current job openings.

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